sunset in Greece overlooking the sea island in the back an rocks and tree silhouette in front

The most interesting places in Greece

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Everyone knows about the Acropolis in Athens, the idyllic villages in Santorini and the perfect beaches of Crete. But the holiday destinations of Greece don’t stop there. This travel blog will focus mostly on the Greek mainland and the less famous islands, which have so much to offer throughout all seasons. The off-the-beaten-track Greek experiences. So if you are looking for a travel guide that will take you to the hidden gems of this amazing country, keep reading!

The most unique places in Greece

From the bluest seas to the greenest hills, the whitest cliffs and the most impressive architecture. Greece really has it all.

Check out the most unique places of which most are not discovered yet by mass tourism. Little paradises, just for you!


Discover Peloponnese

Religious sites

The Greeks have proven to be masters in the matter of architecture of religious buildings. Churches and monasteries all around the country are built in the most surprising and remote places. A great sight, even when you are not religious.

Sunset over the sea in a tiny village in the North East of Greece.
Beauty is everywhere in this country.


This small island in the Eastern part of the Aegean sea is mostly unexplored by foreigners. However, with a desert, a salt lake, unique churches and a rich history, this island is really the most surprising one that I have seen so far. To make things even better, the island is not packed with tourists and therefore still super affordable.

UNESCO World Heritage sites


Greece has thousands of islands to discover. Some are lush and green, others are rocky and wild, but all of them are unique and beautiful in their own way.

What island make it to the list of destinations for your next trip to Greece?