Sunset in Greece overlooking the island of Thasos

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Greece is famous for its thousands of islands, crystal clear waters, beautiful beaches, idyllic villages, amazing food, and countless ancient ruins, of which many are on the UNESCO World Heritage list. But there is more!

Did you know that there are many places where you can enjoy the snow in winter? Or that there are flamingos from Africa that take over the wetlands in the North for a couple of months each year? This website will tell you the things that Greece is not necessarily famous for but definitely worth discovering!

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About us

I am Anna, a yoga and nature-loving architect from the Netherlands. Until I fell in love with a Greek man. Ever since I started to know Greece, the country as well as the culture, I knew that life as I knew it was over. Currently, I’m working hard with my partner, friends, and family to find a way to move to a small town in the North of Greece to take care of my family-in-law.

The Greek culture explained

My story

Life in a small town in Northern Greece as a foreigner is not easy. How will I make money? Will I find friends and people to talk to? Will the family accept me?

This blog is here not only to provide you with the non-usual travel guide to Greece. It is also to share what happens behind the scenes. From my first love for this beautiful country, till the everyday life amongst the Greeks.

gril overlooking clear sea from rocks in geological park Faraklou in Greece

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