The best footwear for a summer in Greece: Teva’s

The first time I traveled to Greece, I was a beach rooky. In my luggage, I took flip-flops and heels, and combined with the sneakers I was wearing, I thought I was set for the month to come. When I returned, however, my footwear collection tripled, and my feet blistered. The best footwear for a summer in Greece turned out to be more complicated to find than I had expected.

Summer adventures in Greece.

Now, if you’re planning on visiting Greece for a relaxing holiday at one of the paradise-like resorts, you can stop reading. Flip-flops or sandals are all you need. However, if your plan is a more adventurous summer, I want to save from the footwear search that took me years.

The ultimate Greek summer experience is a combination of many activities. Examples are idyllic villages, breathtaking landscapes, paradise-like beaches, and (of course) delicious food. All of these activities, however, require different footwear. Slippers, sandals, sneakers, hiking- and water shoes. Too much to fit in a suitcase.

The footwear you’re looking for

To save money on luggage, or have space in your suitcase for your favorite summer top, you want to combine the footwear for multiple activities. You want something airy due to the high temperatures of the Greek summer. However, your footwear should be comfortable for you as well, and waterproof.

My favorite off-the-beaten-path summer experience in Greece is visiting a secluded beach. To reach a beach like this, you have to drive and hike. To swim, you will have to conquer the pebble stones. But when you are there, the landscape is unbelievable, and the moment is priceless.

During my first summers in Greece, I would wear sneakers for the drive and hike. Change to water shoes for a swim. Use flip-flops to dry my feet on the beach, and switch to sneakers again for my way back. Luckily I discovered Teva’s.

Why Teva?

Teva sandals were invented in 1984, by a river guide in the Grand Canyon. The goal of the Teva was a lightweight and open shoe. Wearable in the water, as well as on a hike through the rough landscape surrounding it. The result does all that, and Teva became famous as a sandal for outdoor adventures. For me, they became my ultimate Greek summer footwear.

Going back to the secluded beach from earlier. I can wear my Teva sandals when I drive, as well as when I hike down to the hidden beach, I can walk into the sea wearing them and even swim without taking them off. I can get out, and hike back without the burden of wet stones trapped inside. And by the time I reach my car, they have dried up. Ready to drive me to my next adventure!

A pair of Teva’s should be in any luggage going to Greece.

Teva is not in any way sponsoring the article. However, if you travel to Greece this summer, choose a pair of Teva sandals as footwear! Don’t think you can conquer the pebble stone beaches barefoot if you are not used to walking this way. And don’t think you can hike wearing water shoes. I made these mistakes, and in the end, it cost me a lot of useless pairs of shoes I forgot when returning the rental car.

A simple pair of Teva sandals will cost you only 30 – 40 bucks but allows you to go on hundreds of adventures. Their footbed is good enough to walk on for hours, the straps will allow you to swim, and their material dries up quickly afterward. They do not take up a lot of space in your suitcase and you can easily fit them in a backpack or beach bag. Teva’s truly are best the footwear for a summer in Greece:

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