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For many Greeks living in Greece is far from easy. Salaries are low and many struggle to make it to the end of the month and feed their families. In the big cities, you see many homeless people, children begging for money, and lonely old couples, waiting for their children return from abroad.

But even with life being hard for many, Greeks have a particular way of living that for me, as a Dutch, is both exciting and confusing. The stubbornness of the Greeks, combined with their sincere love for friends and family. Them complaining about everything while still wanting to do all the things that they complain about. The extreme closeness with friends but the complete closed-off-ness towards strangers. Yiayia’s cooking, traditions, and language, there is just so much to Greek culture and life to talk about.

Tradition & Religion

Both tradition, as well as religion, still play a big part in current-day Greek culture. The periods of fasting that are part of the Orthodox church has a big influence on Greek cuisine. Children are still named according to a year old tradition and the Greek family means everything.



Life in Greece is different. Family bonds are tighter, while time seems to be looser than anywhere else. Working, and making it till the end of the month, budget wise, is difficult, while life close to the beach is priceless.