Time to walk on water! Agios Nikolaos on Lemnos

Opposite of fanaraki beach, in the middle of the island of Lemnos is a sea so enclosed by land that is characterized more like a lake. In the middle of this shallow calm water lies a little island with on top a small white church. How much Greeker can it get? And even better, you get to walk on water on your way there!

The Agios Nikolaos, Saint Nicholas church, is a must-see when visiting the island. Not so much for the little church itself as for the way that leads you there.

Following a dirt road from the village of Pedino, you pass through a beautiful rural area that even got my Greek parents-in-law surprised. Follow the wetlands as well as the dry ones with the biggest cacti, or cactuses on the island. You will pass some remote farms until you come at a y-section, take a left and drive until the road ends. This is from where you will see the path of the island.

Now it is time for you to walk on water! A narrow concrete path surrounded by sea will take you to the island of the church. Crossing around 200 meters it is really a special experience to walk “on” the sea like this. Beautiful!

The island itself is small and the church even smaller. But the island is so remote that it is the quietest place I found on Lemnos. With water all around it is so peaceful here. Even with a whole Greek family of 12 to join you, you can find your own spot and enjoy the nature and tranquillity around.

Me and a part of the Greek family crossing the path to the island


  • The dirt road that leads to the church is pretty long and not the easiest to drive. However, we managed with four adults in a Volkswagen up! So don’t let the dirt scare you and go!
  • Although the way to the church seems pretty accessible, walking over the water by the concrete path. There are some stairs taking you up on the island. Making the island itself difficult to visit for disabled people.
  • The church might have a lot of sea around, it is not really a place to swim. So combine the visit to this church with a beach close by, mikro fanaraki is a good one!

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Girl traveling in Greece on small boat over blue water

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