Souli old watermill in lush green forest, waterfall and river in front

Souli watermills

Along a small river that ends up in the gate to the underworld, between green mountains with thousands of years old trees, there is an abandoned old watermill. The Souli watermills are in a truly magical place. And although they are not on the list of must-visits in Greece, they are perfect for everyone who loves nature.

Location Overview

Natural site
1 – 3 hours


The Souli watermills are located in the Epirus region, in the North East of the Greek mainland. The location of the mills is between Parga and Ioannina, in an uninhabited part of the lush green mountains that form the landscape of this region. The closest village is Glykí, known as the perfect place to enjoy the beauty of Acheron. Although the Souli watermills are much less known as this famous river, they are definitely worth a visit.

The watermills

There is not much known about the Souli watermills. There is no information on site, nor on the internet. Probably since the place is not of great importance and far from touristic. What I do know, is that the watermill stands along a 15-meter-tall waterfall. It was used to grind wheat grains with the power of the rushing water. When modernization made the use of the watermill unnecessary, it was slowly overgrown by nature. Lush greenery surrounds the abandoned structure. Which now looks like a natural and historical paradise.


You can reach the watermill by car, following a small mountain road overlooking the turquoise waters of Acheron. Once they disappear you will go down into an area without villages, just mountains, cliffs, trees and some cows. When you reach the lowest point in between the mountains, you find the first Souli watermill. The abandoned stone building, covered with vegetation, next to the waterfall.

Following the stream you will pass the second water mill. This one is owned by a family that turned it into a small cafe. Μύλοι Σουλίου. The cafe has tables on both sides of the river and even a swing over the water. It fits the landscape perfectly. They serve traditional greek food that is very tasty and reasonably priced. The unique location of the place is priceless though and the family that runs this small restaurant is extremely friendly. We ended up spending four hours here. Just sitting. Being blown away by the beauty of the surroundings.

But don’t sit down as soon as you find this little paradise. Follow the stream, and let it lead you further into the old forest. Here, you will loose any sign of the modern world. It is completely silent underneath the green roof that is created by the giant trees around. Only you and nature’s beauty. It is a magical place!

Souli old watermill in lush green forest, waterfall and river in front


  • A visit to the Souli watermills is great for a warm summer day. The shadow of the trees and the cold streaming water really decrease the temperature.
  • In front of the watermill there is a kind of pebble beach on the river which makes a great spot for a barbecue if you’re up for a cheaper experience of this little paradise.
  • Although the Souli watermills seem far away from everything, they are actually very well accessible. The road from Glykí is a good asphalt road, and the drive is only 20 minutes.
  • The Souli watermills are a great location for lunch on a day at Acheron river. It is close by Parga, Ioannina and Igoumenitsa.
  • Bring water shoes or sandals when you visit the Souli watermills. The best experience is walking through the stream, so be prepared to do this.
  • The location is great for children. They can play with the pebbles, explore nature, or simply take a swing over the water. However, be careful and don’t let them get out of your sight. In the water are some slippery stones.

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