the best beach in Greece with crystal clear blue water in Antipaxos

How to pick the best beach each day?

Greece is famous for its beaches, with 6.000 islands and the mainland, surrounded by the most crystal-clear waters, it is one of the top summer holiday destinations in the world. But choosing where to go in a country that has over 15.000 km (9.000 miles) of coastline is not easy. So here is a trick from the real Greeks, that will help you choose the best beach for each day you spend in Greece.

Imagine a simple island…

Let’s assume you have decided to spend a week on the most boring island in Greece. It has four beaches, one north, one east, one south, and one west. They are all equally beautiful but besides that, the island has nothing else. You have arrived and the only thing you can do for the next 7 days is to go to one of these four beaches. How do you decide which one to go to?

This is how you pick

Greeks have a technique that helps them pick out the best beach each day, they look where the wind comes from. If the wind is coming from the east, they will avoid the beaches on this side of the island, unless they are surfers. The Greeks will instead go to the beach on the west of the island. In the same way, a wind from the south will lead them to the beach on the north.

Why? Because the onshore wind, the wind coming over the sea towards the beach, will create waves while the offshore wind will result in a calm sea, a sea that is like oil, is what the Greeks call this.

I must confess that for someone, not Greek, going to a Greek beach in the worst wind conditions will still result in an absolutely paradise-like sea experience. But if you wonder why one day there are no Greeks there and the next day there are, this is the answer.

What might be good to remember, is that Greece in summer, usually has strong winds, the Meltemi Winds or Etesian winds. These winds can be quite strong, especially in the afternoons making it better to plan your boat trips in the morning or during the night.

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