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The ultimate snacks for your summer road trip in Greece

When going on a road trip in a foreign country, it might be hard to find good snacks along the way. Where to go and what to buy? If you would ask me to name the best Greek snack, I would tell you to try bougatsa. However, this delicious dish is impossible to eat behind the wheel.

The ultimate road trip snack should be easy to eat while driving and not too expensive. You don’t want your car to fill up with packaging or spilled food, and you don’t want to have to stop to eat either. We made a list of the perfect snacks for your road trip through Greece, ordered by the places that offer them. 


Supermarkets are everywhere in Greece, from small villages to big cities. When starting a road trip through Greece, make sure to visit a supermarket before you hit the road. Get the essential supplies so when you end up with a broken car, you can sustain yourself until help comes.


Don’t forget to buy water before you go on a road trip through Greece in summer. In case something happens to your car and you end up stranded on the side of the road underneath the burning sun, you need water. At supermarkets in Greece, big bottles are available in six packs for a low price. You can even decide to leave them in the trunk all journey, but just make sure to have them with you.

Filled croissants

All supermarkets, but gas stations and kiosks as well, sell ready-made croissants with chocolate, jam, or creme inside. They are super tasty! You can find them individually packed, or in one package with multiple smaller croissants. The latter one is perfect as a road trip snack. My favorite croissants are the mini vanilla ones from the brand called 7-days. I will not start any road trip in Greece without them.


Tsoureki is a Greek bread, mostly eaten during Easter. It is made with a sweet yeast dough of flour, sugar, eggs, butter, and milk. Tsourekaki, are small tsourekies. In Greek, everything ending at –aki, is the small version of the word before –aki. Like the croissants, they have options with chocolate or jam filling. 

snacks greece filled croissants sweet jam chocolate molto colourful packages

Do you want coffee on your road trip but don’t have a coffee machine or hot water available? In Greek supermarkets, you can buy cups of instant cold coffee. All you need is some water and a shake. It is an amazing product to take with you around Greece and only costs 40 cents per cup.

Bake rolls

Bake rolls are toasted bread in a bag, costing only 65 cents. Sounds boring, but they come in various flavors. The most popular ones in Greece are salt, pizza, and tomato olive. They stay good for a long time, and since they are salty a good idea for the summer heat.

On the road

After leaving the supermarket and hitting the road, you will have many opportunities to find more amazing snacks. Especially when driving on the national roads that often pass through many villages. Get out at gas stations, bakeries, and small side road kiosks, and enjoy the following Greek snacks.

snacks in greece bakery with traditional oven on brick wall koulouri

Koulouri is a Greek bread ring with sesame seeds on the outside. You might know them as simit since this is what they are called in Turkey. They are a perfect and easy-to-eat breakfast. 


Greek pita (and I don’t mean the giros bread) is the tastiest thing in Greece, after bougatsa. Pita in Greek can mean two things. The flatbread pita that will all know, but also a variety of savory pies. Spanakopita, kotopita, kreatopita, and tiropita are examples of this category. Greek pitas consist of super crunchy phyllo dough and a delicious filling. They are often available in small triangular shapes, making them easy to eat on the road. With the huge variety of types of pitas, you will never get bored of them.

Fruit from local farmers

Many farmers sell their fresh fruits and vegetables along the road in Greece. I can advise you to try their fruits. These taste much better than the fruits you can buy at a supermarket, and the farmers are friendly and helpful. 

Hotdogs or Gyros

If you need a more filling snack but do not want to spend too much time off the road, try gyros or a hotdog. These two dishes are quick to make and eat and often don’t cost more than 3 or 4 euros. 


Good coffee is everywhere in Greece. Along the highway, as well as at the gas stations, you can find coffee that will surprise you. Don’t know which coffee to order in Greece? Check this post about the four Greek coffees you must try when visiting Greece.

Beach bars

When spending a lot of time on the road in Greece during summer, there is nothing better than a quick stop at a beach. Cool down with a swim in the sea and eat something while you dry up before you get on the road again. You can stretch your legs, cool down, and have a good, affordable, and quick meal, all at the same time. Here are the things you can order at a beach bar when you are only there for a quick stop.

Club sandwich

Every beach bar all over Greece will serve club sandwiches. On average, a club sandwich will cost around 5 to 6 euros, and come with either fries or chips. The good thing about this dish is that it will never take long to receive your order. Besides, you can easily save one or two pieces to take with you in the car for later.


Everyone knows them and loves them. In most places, you can order a pizza with different toppings. Greek pizza is usually slightly thicker than the Italian versions. During the summer pick a pizza with few fresh ingredients like basil, seafood, or even the controversial pineapple.

Fruit salads

Few things in life provide you with as much joy as a refreshing fruit salad when the temperature touches the high 30s. Commonly used fruits include melon, watermelon, grapes, berries, bananas, and more.


The unhealthy alternative to a fruit salad. There is a taste for everyone. Vanilla, chocolate, pistachio, and strawberry are the most common tastes. Insider tip, try kaimaki flavored ice cream with dazzling mastic taste.


A glass filled with ice and an amazing mixture of tastes. Just choose your favorite one and slowly drink it. But remember, if you are planning to drive choose a virgin (alcohol-free) version. 

The last tip I want to give you is to try piroski. This dish is originally not Greek but Russian. However, it is one of my favorite Greek snacks. Unfortunately, I could not put it on the list because piroski is very hard to find and regional, limited to the Greek Pontians. That said, if you do find piroski, try it! It is fried dough with a tasty filling consisting of potato, cheese, or meat. My grandmother makes this whenever I go on a road trip, and it is difficult to imagine road trip in Greece without this snack.

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