yellow rocks in variety of shape as result of the collision of lava and sea water

Faraklou. Where nature became an artist.

In the north of the island of Lemnos, near the village of Propouli, you will find the volcanic rocks of Faraklo. In ancient times, lava flowed from the heart of the earth to the surface, where it came in contact with the water from the sea. The lava cooled down and formed Faraklo’s strange and impressive formations.

The park feels like a different planet. The various golden-yellow rock formations have so many different shapes, sizes and textures that are all very unique to nature on earth. Some of the sculptures look like a wave, trapped inside a rock. Others look like giant snails or dinosaur eyes. It is like nature became an artist and sculpted this little part of our world. Like with most art, use your imagination and enjoy this extremely rare phenomenon!


  • The road to the Geological Park passes through the village of Propouli. From there begins a dirt road that leads to the area. Follow the signs, because navigation might be wrong in this part of the island.
  • There seems to be some doubts about the actual name of this geological park. Following the signs, you might see different variation of Faraklo on every sign. Faraklou or falakra for example. Don’t get confused, they will all lead you to the same park.
  • The park is not really big. Don’t expect to spend hours around here. But even with it’s small size it is so unique that it is definitely worth a visit.
  • There is a small beach close by if you want to enjoy a swim.
  • Unfortunately, visiting Faraklo with a wheelchair is not possible. You enter the park over a small sandy path and after that you’re climbing over the rock formations.
  • Be careful with kids because at the edge of the park near the sea, there are some holes in between the stones. Also, the wet stones are very slippery.
  • The locals call the formations “faraklo” or “fragokefala” – “bald” or “bald heads”, due to their spherical shape.
yellow rocks in variety of shape as result of the collision of lava and sea water

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