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The desert of Greece

In Lemnos, an island in the Northeast of Greece there is a place that makes you doubt if you got on the right plane for your holiday. I’m talking about the Dunes of Bartholomew, a landscape where yellow sand covers everything and vegetation is minimal. Just like the Sahara, just slightly smaller.

The desert contains the sand from the beaches nearby. Carried by the wind it is disposed here, between two extinct volcanos. It is created over thousands of years but till today it is constantly changing shape and dimension with the wind.

Going here is an amazing experience. There is such a big contrast between the blue sea, the green trees and these yellow dunes. Enjoy the walk in this beautiful creation of nature!


  • The sand gets extremely hot in summer! Don’t visit in the middle of the day, early in the morning or just before sunset are best.
  • Make sure to bring water.
  • To get to the sand dunes in Gomati you need a strong car. The only road leading there is a dirt road that has pretty steep inclines, especially towards the end.
  • Parts of the dunes are quite steep so better wear good walking shoes, definitely not slippers.

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2 responses to “The desert of Greece”

  1. Konstantinos Avatar

    This looks amazing! Such an unexpected landscape for Greece.

    1. Anna Avatar

      It is! Definitely worth a vist

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