Greeting in Greek, kaliméra, kalispéra and kaliníchta

Are you traveling through Greece and wondering how to greet the locals in this beautiful country? Or maybe you already learned about Kaliméra before, but notice that the Greeks reply to you saying something different? Unfortunately, there are many ways of greeting in Greek. Here is an overview of the most important ones. Combined withContinue reading “Greeting in Greek, kaliméra, kalispéra and kaliníchta”

Greeks rarely make a deal for the future

Last night I overheard a conversation between a Dutch guy and a Greek girl. She was from Crete, inviting him to visit her hometown of Iraklion. He got excited, he started planning his visit, and when the date was set he asked: what is “deal” in Greek? The Greek girl started thinking about this difficultContinue reading “Greeks rarely make a deal for the future”

8 Confusing Greek words

Every one of us speaks a little Greek. In English, it is even impossible to spend one day without using at least one word of Greek origin. Architect, astronaut, acrobat. Base, bible, biology. Centre, chaos, comedy. There are over 150.000 English words that originate from the Ancient Greek language. But don’t trust too much onContinue reading “8 Confusing Greek words”

S’agapo. Greek family love

Greeks are very loving people. And especially with their family and friends Greeks are not afraid to express their love for each other. Moms refer to their children with agapie mou, my love. And whenever friends leave after just hanging out, they will say bye to each other with filakia. Little kisses. I love youContinue reading “S’agapo. Greek family love”

Everyone is a child in Greece

The meaning of the word child in Greek is unlike its translation into any other language. While for most of us, a child is a young human being. Either below the age of puberty or below the legal age of majority. In Greece, everyone can be called a child. Let’s do a quiz! Question nr.Continue reading “Everyone is a child in Greece”