Is it possible to stick to a vegan diet in Greece?

The Greek restaurants abroad are mostly famous for their moussaka and mixed grill. Gyros, souvlakia, and keftedes dominate the image of Greek cuisine. Meat. With some feta cheese and olive oil to complete the true Geek taste. But is it true that the Greeks eat just meat? And what about a holiday in Greece onContinue reading “Is it possible to stick to a vegan diet in Greece?”

Souli Watermills

Along a small river that ends up in the gate to the underworld, Acheron, between green mountains with thousands of years old trees, there is an abandoned old watermill that is actually not that great by itself. But keep reading. You can reach the watermill by car, following a small mountain road overlooking the turquoiseContinue reading “Souli Watermills”

The tastiest food in Greece

As a Dutch, I learned that when picking out a restaurant to eat, the fancier the place looks, the better the food will be. Of course, this rule is not a hundred percent safe. But good food, in general, can be found in places that care about the overall look of their restaurant as wellContinue reading “The tastiest food in Greece”