• A fresh start

    A fresh start

    It has been a while since my last update. Many of you have asked what’s happening or if I’m ok. And the answer is yes, I am good. Really good, even! However, it took me some time to get here. I traveled 1.000 km (600 miles) to end up back at the beach I began,…

  • 1 Hour alone in Greece

    1 Hour alone in Greece

    The past three weeks have been the trail run of my journey Together with my boyfriend, I traveled 4.000 km (2.500 miles) through eleven countries to reach the starting point of my trip, Thessaloniki airport. Yesterday was the day I dropped him there and continued my journey by myself. This is the story of the…

  • Home sweet … Van !?

    Home sweet … Van !?

    Today is officially the seventh day I left home to live in my self-converted van. And I can say a lot has happened in those days. Friday last week, I was overwhelmed with anxiety and sadness. It was a day of goodbyes and leaving the familiar behind. Not knowing what my life would be like…

  • The first post from my van!

    The first post from my van!

    I decided it was time to test the experience of writing in my van, parked in a lovely alley in the center of Rotterdam. I’m breathing second-hand air from shop-owned air conditioning outlets. And I have a view of bumped business cars and years-old trash. However, I feel nice! Because I know that the view…

  • I bought a van and need your help!

    I bought a van and need your help!

    I bought a van and want to convert it to a home in the coming moth. Tips are welcome!