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Vitamin D deficiency in summer

Every year there are around thirty million people who come to enjoy the Greek summer sun. But while the tourists take over the many Greek beaches to work on their tanning. The locals often are trapped inside with a vitamin D deficiency in summer.

Life in a Greek city during summer is far from the paradise we find in Greece as foreigners. The continuous heat combined with the lack of greenery, makes the cities heat up so much during the day that the only way to live is by staying inside. With the windows, shutters, and curtains closed and the air-conditioning put to its maximum. Waiting for the night to come.

Fortunately, many Greeks that live in the big cities have a family house somewhere far away from the boiling concrete. But amongst the people that do not have this luxury or the ones that have to work too much for too little money and can not afford to leave the city, vitamin D deficiency in summer is a very common problem.

So next time you find yourself drinking a cocktail on one of Greece’s paradise-like beaches. Getting rid of your vitamin D deficiency. Think about the real Greeks. Because real life in this beautiful country is not as pleasant as your stay there.

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