Souli Watermills

Souli old watermill in lush green forest, waterfall and river in front

Along a small river that ends up in the gate to the underworld, Acheron, between green mountains with thousands of years old trees, there is an abandoned old watermill that is actually not that great by itself. But keep reading.

You can reach the watermill by car, following a small mountain road overlooking the turquoise waters of Acheron. Once they disappear you will go down into an area without villages, just mountains, cliffs, trees and some cows. When you reach the lowest point in between the mountains, you find this watermill, with a little waterfall landing into a stream below a roof of an old plane tree forest.

Following the stream passing an idyllic restaurant you get carried further inside the old forest, where there is no sign of the modern world. It is completely quiet, only you and the nature around. Magical! And great for a warm summer day, since the shadow of the trees and the cold streaming water really decrease the temperature.

The family owned cafe on the stream is definitely word visiting as well, it is called Μύλοι Σουλίου, they have tables on both sides of the river and even a swing over the water. They serve traditional greek food that is very tasty and reasonably priced. The unique location of the place is priceless though and the family that runs this small restaurant is extremely friendly. We ended up spending four hours there just sitting, being blown away by the beauty of the surroundings.

In front of the watermill there is a kind of pebble beach on the river which makes a great spot for a barbecue if you’re up for a cheaper experience of this little paradise.

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