The non-usual travel guide to Greece

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Delicious Greek food


Do you want to prepare yourself for a visit to Greece or simply want to learn all there is to known about this beautiful country? Check our tips to prepare yourself for your next holiday in paradise!

The non-usual travel guide

The weather

Greece is known as the country of the endless sun. Hot summers and pleasant winters, the perfect beach-holiday destination! However, the Greek weather is more complex than its stereotype. Snow is common in the North during winter, and a Bourini can occur on the most beautiful summer day. Read here about the Real Greek weather.

Crossword guide


Every one of us speaks a little Greek. In English, it is even impossible to spend one day without using at least one word of Greek origin. Architect, astronaut, acrobat. Base, bible, biology. Centre, chaos, comedy. There are over 150.000 English words that originate from the Ancient Greek language.

But don’t trust too much on your English when you hear some real Greeks talking. We all might know some Greek, but the actual Greek language is far from easy!


Driving in Greece

No western driving school can prepare you for driving in the chaos that is the Greek traffic. However, I can truly recommend exploring this amazing country by car, since other forms of transport severely limit you in your explorations.

So keep reading, get in your rental car, put your fears aside, start driving in Greece, and enjoy!

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