Explore Xanthi. In the North of Greece

The day I heard my Greek boyfriend is from North-West Greece, I felt a bit sad. Why didn’t I find a guy from Crete, Kefalonia, or Mykonos? How am I supposed to enjoy my summers, spending an entire month in Xanthi? The only place in Greece that can have months of rain. And just 60.000Continue reading “Explore Xanthi. In the North of Greece”

Souli Watermills

Along a small river that ends up in the gate to the underworld, Acheron, between green mountains with thousands of years old trees, there is an abandoned old watermill that is actually not that great by itself. But keep reading. You can reach the watermill by car, following a small mountain road overlooking the turquoiseContinue reading “Souli Watermills”

Acheron. The entrance of the Greek underworld

The clear-blue river of Acheron is located in the Epirus region of North-West Greece. It is a beautiful place with crystal clear turquoise water, surrounded by white cliffs and lush greenery. A natural paradise with a story that does not fit its current sight. The Acheron river is well known in Greek mythology as theContinue reading “Acheron. The entrance of the Greek underworld”