Why you should not rely on paying with your credit card in Greece

Paying by card is not as common in Greece as in other countries. Although quite a few places do allow card payment, some may not. Cash is the norm for many smaller Greek shops, restaurants, and hotels. When traveling in Greece, you should never solely trust your card. Always carry real money with you instead.Continue reading “Why you should not rely on paying with your credit card in Greece”

How to stay cool in the Greek summer heat

Telling a Dutch colleague, friend, or family member that I will spend my summer in Greece, often results in the same reaction. That is too hot! Good luck! My body is not made for those temperatures! Prejudices. Because although the Greek summer heat is quite high, it rarely feels like it is too hot toContinue reading “How to stay cool in the Greek summer heat”

Ionian or Aegean islands?

With over 6.000 Greek islands, it can be extremely difficult to figure out where to go for your next holiday. Party in Mykonos, stunning Zakynthos, unspoiled Lefkada, or unique Santorini? There are really just too many good options to choose from. Unfortunately, I can not really help you with your choice. The perfect island forContinue reading “Ionian or Aegean islands?”

Greek toilets. What to prepare for

Whoever believes that going to a Greek toilet is like visiting a restroom in the Netherlands, is wrong. The experience of emptying your blatter in Greece is unique and unlike doing the same thing in the rest of Europe or even the US. Prepare yourself for your next summer holiday and keep reading. Don’t flushContinue reading “Greek toilets. What to prepare for”

Is Greece expensive?

There are quite a lot of travel influencers who claim to give you all the information you need to travel to Greece. However, since they are not Greek, don’t know any Greeks nor Greek, and only visit the most touristic places in Greece, their guides often don’t really represent the true Greek experience. One ofContinue reading “Is Greece expensive?”

Another George! The Greek tradition of naming newborns explained

Family is everything for the real Greeks. One of the ways to show your Greek family love and mostly respect is with the name you choose for your children. While the rest of the world is inventing new names for their newborns, the Greeks wouldn’t be Greek if they would stop following their traditions. TheContinue reading “Another George! The Greek tradition of naming newborns explained”

Vitamin D deficiency in summer

Every year there are around thirty million people who come to enjoy the Greek summer sun. But while the tourists take over the many Greek beaches to work on their tanning. The locals often are trapped inside with a vitamin D deficiency in summer. Life in a Greek city during summer is far from theContinue reading “Vitamin D deficiency in summer”