The ultimate snacks for your summer road trip in Greece

When going on a road trip in a foreign country, it might be hard to find good snacks along the way. Where to go and what to buy? If you would ask me to name the best Greek snack, I would tell you to try bougatsa. However, this delicious dish is impossible to eat behind theContinue reading “The ultimate snacks for your summer road trip in Greece”

Traveling with the Greeks means chaos

This story is for all the non-Greeks that are about to meet their Greek in-laws. As well as the Greeks that have a non-Greek family member. But also for everyone else. Because traveling with the Greek family through the eyes of an outsider makes a funny story. The first time I went to Greece toContinue reading “Traveling with the Greeks means chaos”

How to prepare a road trip in Greece?

In a month I will get on a flight to Athens to start a road trip through the eastern part of Peloponnese. From the acropolis to the most southern part of the Greek mainland. In ten days I will follow the coastline of this beautiful peninsula, covering over 1.000 km of road. But how canContinue reading “How to prepare a road trip in Greece?”

Greek driving and lanes. There is always one more

The Greeks have to do almost everything by car. Going to work, picking up the kids, and doing groceries. Because of this, the roads are way too crowded, especially close to and inside the big cities. But Greeks and patience don’t go well together and so, Greek driving was invented. In this article, I willContinue reading “Greek driving and lanes. There is always one more”

Driving in Greece. The basics

No western driving school can prepare you for driving in the chaos that is the Greek traffic. However, I can truly recommend exploring this amazing country by car, since other forms of transport severely limit you in your explorations. So keep reading the quick guide below, get in your rental car, put your fears aside,Continue reading “Driving in Greece. The basics”